[JPL] MP3s on the air?

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 18:23:13 EDT 2007

I have tentatively begun to play mp3's on "General Eclectic", if only
because digital delivery seems to be on its way to becoming the method of
the future. It will probably be a necessity to play mp3's before too long,
and I'm reluctantly beginning to accept that.
As for bitrate, I prefer at least 192, but still would rather have hard-copy
CD's, whenever possible. I have gone with 128, but would rather not. In any
case, when it comes time to program the show, CD's in jewel cases get
noticed on the shelf, which is an important factor that labels should
consider. (But then, so is their promotional budget.)
Tom Bingham

On 10/10/07, Bob Stewart <BSTEWAR at kirkwood.edu> wrote:
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> We don't play MP3s on air.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Greetings!
> Just wondering if you play MP3s on the air.  If so, what bit rate do you
> require to consider it "air worthy"?
> Thank for your input.
> Peace,
> Claudia
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