[JPL] ³ Effect of music on the growth of plants ²

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Another exhibit of the school which came in for commendation at the South
Zone CBSE Science Exhibition was a model on ³Effect of music on the growth
of plants².

The model was prepared by Varsha B. Patil and Abhishree, both of the ninth
standard, and Chandana Upadhyaya, Supreeta and Shreya Mallesh, all of 10th

The model showed how bean seeds planted in 50 pots on the same day grew
differently under the effect of music ‹ classical music, jazz music and
recitation of Omkara (Om). The pots were formed into four groups when the
seeds sprouted into leaves and they were kept at a distance of 50 feet from
each other.

Music was played for two hours in a day. The first group of plants were
played a recitation of Omkara, the second classical music, the third jazz
music, while the fourth were not given any musical support.

They were given an equal measure of light and water and were kept under
close scrutiny by experts. At the end of the eighth week, the four groups
gave different results. It was found that the pots kept under the influence
of the recitation of Omkara registered the highest growth.

The two exhibits were prepared under the guidance of T.S. Ramkumar and
Reshma M. Nadaf of the school.

School secretary V. Devendra has congratulated the schoolchildren.
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