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  How about artists living in Paris:
  Franck Amsallem
  Randy Weston
  Kirk Lightsey


  Jayne Sanchez wrote: 

    Benny Carter
    Medley from American in Paris
    Hollywood Swing & jazz
    Rhino Records

    Duke Ellington
    Autumn Leaves (sung in French by Ozzie Bailey)

    Johnny Hodges
    The Last Time I Saw Paris
    Jazz Masters 35

    John La Barbera <deaver at otherside.com> wrote:
      On my big band show this Sunday (Best Coast Jazz wfpk.org) we're into 
      our fund raiser and a Paris vacation is one of our give aways. Our 
      CEO is on air with me and wants a Paris theme. Besides Basie's April 
      in Paris, are there any big band cuts that come to mind? Thanks for 
      the help. John


    Ms. Jayne Sanchez  

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