[JPL] Voice: Davis on Newk at Carnegie

Ron J Pelletier ron.pelletier at gallery41.com
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Two things strike me about this article entitled ".the Sonnymoon is never

1.	Couldn't it have been said in far, far, far fewer words?  Something like
"Sonny Rollins is a BAD Cat. The End."?  Which we all know is true.
2.	And then there's this line:  "What's more, a dear friend of mine whom I
envy for also having been at the '57 concert complained that McBride didn't
swing. You should know, however, that this is someone who often talks as if
she believes no one under the age of 70 does. And I often have to agree with
her."  Criminy. That's like saying Jazz (the ability to be creative whilst
playing an instrument) stopped with Paul Whiteman, and THANK GOODNESS that
isn't true!  Vinyl isn't coming back, and neither is Paul Whiteman.  And for
those who've never heard the word, let me help out:
[Q] From Frank Palmeri in the USA: "I cannot find a definition for the word
crimony anywhere. I've encountered it twice: once in a Far Side cartoon,
another on the Garrison Keillor radio program Prairie Home Companion. Both
times it seems to be uttered in exclamation, similar to Holy Cow!."
[A] Most dictionaries that include it spell it criminy, or sometimes
criminey. It's certainly a mild exclamation or cry of astonishment, now very
old-fashioned. It's much weaker in force than when it was first used, back
in the seventeenth century. The usual explanation is that it is a form of
Christ, much like another somewhat dated mild expletive, crikey, which came
along later; but it's just possible that it's a variant form of crime. It
might be related in some way to Jiminy (as in Jiminy Cricket), which
appeared at about the same time. This was possibly a modified form of
Gemini, but was equally likely to be based on the Latin Jesu domine.
I close, as always, with my usual salutation,

Looking forward.
Ron J. Pelletier

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Subject: [JPL] Voice: Davis on Newk at Carnegie

Overshadowing the Shadow

A Carnegie triumph for Mr. Rollins proves that the Sonnymoon is never over

by Francis Davis

October 9th, 2007 5:23 PM

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