[JPL] Jazz Entertainer turns 100 & still performing!

KZSU Jazz jazz at kzsu.stanford.edu
Sat Oct 13 23:13:26 EDT 2007

I had the tremendous pleasure of interviewing Bill a year or two ago.
What a character! He was full of amazing stories about his youth in
Hawaii -- entertaining soldiers during World War I (that's not a
typo!) with trick ukelele playing, his time working for a hotel,
chauffeuring celebrities to romantic locations and then playing for
them under the stars, and jamming with some of the greats of jazz
during the big band era. He's a delight and a treasure. And his recent
albums are quite nice, too!

If you interview him, though, you might want to pre-record. I don't
think I got him on the best day, and I wound up doing a lot of editing
down. But it was well worth the effort.


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On 10/12/07, Michelle Mobley <michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
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> Hawaiian and Jazz entertainer, Bill Tapia will be headlining his own
> 100th Birthday Celebration and Show with various performers at the lavish, art
> deco Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, California on
> Sunday, November 18th. Bill's music career spans over 85 years and
> he continues to perform, tour, record and teach at 99 years young!
> It is safe to say that he is today's oldest living professional musician.
> This email isn't so much to inform you of his upcoming event since I
> know most of you fall outside of the Southern California region, but
> I wanted to be sure to introduce you to this inspirational, charming
> gentleman, his life and music. Many of you may already know of Bill,
> many of you may not, but I hope you take the time to check out the
> following links which only begin to scratch the surface. With his
> sharp mind, quick wit and knack for storytelling you can easily be
> locked in for hours!
> Please check out the one sheet:
> http://panioloproductions.com/TapiaOnesheet.jpg
> Other links to visit:
> http://billtapia.com/
> http://panioloproductions.com/
> http://www.myspace.com/panioloproductions (for audio samples)
> If you are interested in contacting him for an interview, please let me know!
> I look forward to hearing from you!
> Thank you,
> Alyssa Archambault
> Paniolo Productions
> P.O. Box 66265
> Los Angeles, CA 90066
> (323)547-3482
> alyssa at panioloproductions.com
> "As delightful as it is surprising...Tapia's 86-year career includes jams with
> long-gone pioneers of American music, including Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday
> and Fats Waller. ...Tapia takes his rightful place alongside these greats." -
> Billboard Magazine
> (Forwarded by Michelle from Peeedro)

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