[JPL] The Jazz Session #31: Matt Shulman

Jason Crane | The Jazz Session jason at thejazzsession.com
Mon Oct 15 07:44:16 EDT 2007


THE JAZZ SESSION #31: MATT SHULMAN. Jason Crane interviews trumpeter  
and vocalist Matt Shulman about his new album, So It Goes (Jaggo  
Records, 2007). Shulman sings and plays trumpet, but that’s where the  
Chet Baker comparison ends, although like Baker, Shulman incorporates  
the hip music of the day into his own work. Skilled at multiphonics —  
playing one note while simultaneously singing another — Shulman is  
able to expand the range of the trumpet beyond its normal capacity.  
On So It Goes, Shulman tackles everything from Led Zeppelin to “My  
Funny Valentine” with impressive results.

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Coming up: Eddie Daniels, trumpeter Avishai Cohen, Anat Cohen, Tord  
Gustavsen, Joan Stiles, Ben Sidran, Brian Groder, Hector Martignon,  
the Stryker-Slagle Band, Chris Jentsch, Kahil El'Zabar, Jimmy Bruno  
and more!

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