[JPL] Kareem Abdul- Jabbar Sits-in w/Dave Valentin at The Jazz Bakery

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Mon Oct 15 13:42:49 EDT 2007

>From KKJZ's Jose Rizo on the Latin Jazz Programmer's list

For those of you at Dave Valentin's first set Saturday night at the Jazz
Bakery in the Los Angeles area, what a treat.

Laker legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar sat-in in with Dave Valentin on congas.

I mentioned to Dave that Kareem is a huge Jazz/Latin Jazz fan, very
knowledgeable, and that he played congas at his home for enjoyment.

Well Dave was determined to have Kareem sit-in, and with some persistence,
he actually talked him into it.

What a treat!!!

The band also included stellar performances from Chembo Corniel (congas),
Oscar Cartaya (bass), Phoenix Rivera (drums), Mark Towns (guitar), and a
very impressive Luke Carlos O'Reilly (piano).

Kareem agreed to join me as a co-host on my 5-7pm KJazz slot soon.

I bump into him frequently through the years at jazz and latin jazz events.
We have had wonderful conversations on the music.  He knows his stuff.

Dave Valentin was so excited of the experience, he could barely control
himself.  He could not believe that Kareem Abdul Jabbar would come and see
him play.

It was an enjoyable and memorable night....Jose Rizo

Dr Jazz answered this post with the following <<<
Here's a video of Kareem's sit-in from Mark Towns' website:

Two trivia questions:
-What was the name of Kareem's ill-fated label?
-Who was going to be the first artist on the roster? >>>>>>

Kareem is a well known record collector going back to his days as Lewis
Alcindor in Harlem where he was best friends with Wilt who would let him to
his Big Wilt's Small Paradise club. Sometime in the late 70s his home was
burned to a crisp and he lost over 25,000 LPs including some irreplaceble
gems, a local L A radio station that had been a jazz station in the past
donated their jazz lbrary to him.   Arturo

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