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Yes Arturo my friend.... I know that "steak" very well but many use the CD's as thank you gifts. You're right in that it's very easy for folk to shop during the drives and miss the point. That's some research I would love to see....during the drives how many are pledging for what is offered for gifts or for the programming. In theory you could say well they're listening but that doesn't necessarily translate into a contribution. My guess is that most would say the programming but the only way to really know is to not offer anything during the drives. Has anyone ever done that? Not offer any premiums? That's risky indeed but it could reveal much...maybe tell us things we don't want to know :>) Those that are offering CD's as thank you gifts...I would love to know which seem to be the ones folk really want. Most drives I have something that stands out but so far not on this one. 
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In his 55 + year career, guitarist Dale Bruning's latest Jazz Link Enterprises' CD, CLASSICAL CONNECTIONS, VOL. I is a showcase for both his playing and his arranging skills. Having lived and worked in the East before moving to Colorado, where he has become the cornerstone for jazz, Bruning surrounds himself with the talents of Ali Ryerson, flute; Jeff Jenkins, piano; Mark Simon, bass; and Paul Romaine, drums.

'Bruning weighs his notes with emotion and feeling like few others. Classical Connections, Vol. 1, is just, well, superb.' 
Bob Bednar, Host/Producer - This Is Jazz, WJCT, Jacksonville, FL

mailto:info at jazzlinkenterprises.com

<<< If anyone programmers would like to share....I'm interested in knowing
which CD's are doing well for your drives? Here I don't seem to have one
that folk are going after more than any of the others. Thanks for any input.
Jae Sinnett >>>>

We don't emphasize our premiums, they're just the icing to the cake, we sell
the steak more than the sizzle, sure we do mention our CDs and other thank
you gifts like our station apparel but it's easy to get caught up in that
end of it and we prefer to repeat that the real reason for contributions is
what you come to us for each and every day-the music. That said, once a
drive we have Peter Clampitt of the Mount Vernon Country Club-one of the
finest jazz venues in the country, come in as a pitch partner and only while
he is on usually for 2 hours we have gift certificates for his famous Sunday
brunch and those fly out the door, we have many veteran listeners who always
wait for the last Friday afternoon of the drive when he comes to make their
pledges in order to get a certificate.

Whenever we have a live performance during the drive, most often the CDs of
the lead artist or group are selected at a higher rate, that's the magic of
live music.



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