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How is  the response from 7 to midnight? I've advocated for that here,
but in the  back of my mind wondered how well that slot does up against
television.  That's prime t.v. time for most households.>
I have pitched 9-11 pm over the years with mixed results...some  fund raisers 
are really good, some die.
I had to chuckle during our recent campaign.  I was on  during 4-7 PM last 
Friday pitching ATC and Mktplace with two of  my non jazz colleagues.    Coming 
up at 7 PM  was the first  game of the ALCS between the Tribe and the Red Sox. 
 The phones began to  slow at 6:30 PM.  Both my pitching pals began to 
complain about  "how tough it was going to be to retain audience with the big game 
coming  up...."
I reminded them, "Welcome to my world. Every day I fight major  sporting 
events, "Seinfeld",  "Scrubs" and our constant forward promotion  all day that 
invites our radio listeners to watch PBS at 9 PM."
Both seemed a tad dumbstruck, like the thought had never occurred to  them.
We often  compare $ numbers, talking about how well things like  Morn Ed 
"Whadya Know" and ATC do compared to jazz.  The part that is  often left out, is 
the day part consideration.  I wonder how well  Michael Feldman's program would 
do on a Tuesday night at 10 PM, without its Car  Talk lead-in and fighting 
prime time TV?  As much as I like ATC, would it  really generate much revenue 
agst a Tribe-BoSox play off game, and all the other  options that TV offers?
Dan Polletta

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