[JPL] Kareem Abdul- Jabbar trivia questions

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Two trivia questions:
-What was the name of Kareem's ill-fated label?

-Who was going to be the first artist on the roster? >>>>>>
ok i may be cheating, since i was running mca jazz and we made the deal with 
it was sad that cranberry never happened.  the idea was good and kareem was 
going to extoll the value of jazz on morning tv talk shows across the country 
with the full backing of mca jazz.
he had an entourage of folks who misdirected things.  what was going to be a 
fine jazz adjunct to mca, impulse! and zebra became a mess...the Dizzy LP 
[released on impulse! entitled "endlessly" ] came in 3x budget and suddenly 
cranberry wanted to produce expensive RnB albums that had nothing to do with the 
deal we had done.
it would have been amazing because--still an active player--kareem had easy 
access to major market media and would have been a very capable and passionate 
spokesperson for jazz.  i always believed he could have had a major impact on 
attracting youth to the music. <and of course i dreamed of having great lakers 
tickets too>
as a high school player @ Power Memorial he was of course, crazy good.  there 
was only one other 7 footer in the ny metro area at the time, a white kid 
from Ft.Lee, NJ named jack langer.  he and Lew Alcindor got together frequently 
to scrimmage.
ricky schultz
jazz consultant 

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