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kenny kirkland, interesting question <great artist, sweet cat>
i was already well into the process of signing kenny to impulse! when kareem 
interest in kenny.
had cranberry taken shape, kenny probably would have been released on 
[it was all under the mca jazz umbrella, so it didnt matter that 
much--although kenny was
understandably excited about being a part of the revived impulse! imprint]
branford and i practically had to conspire to get the reclusive, 
self-effacing kenny into the 
studio to do his own album--sadly the only true solo recording he did.  
[imagine the great
kenny kirkland repeatedly expressing his thanks for "getting a shot"!!!, we 
were so thrilled
to have him on the label].  the album was nearly finished when management 
and it was decided to fold mca jazz east into grp [who i had signed for 
thankfully delpheayo marsalis oversaw the remaining business to complete and 
have the
album released [albeit on grp].  we miss you KK!
ricky schultz
jazz consultant 

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