[JPL] Any BoSoxers fans coming to Denver for World Series???

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Oct 23 12:59:22 EDT 2007

Are any fans of the Beantown Sox coming to the Mile High City to see the
Rockies play them at Coors Field? Saturday it was 81 degrees, then we arose
Sunday to 4 inches of wet snow, by Monday it was all melted and temps will
be in the low 70s again. We always get an October snow fall, usually around
Halloween-this year it came a bit early. Long range forecast for Sat-Sun and
Monday games is plenty of sunshine and upper 60s temperatures, however
dropping into the 40s overnight. Although Coors Field is a modern park and
lacks the charm of Fenways' antiquity, Coors Field is one of the top 3
modern parks with great views from anywhere in the stadium, a gorgeous view
of the Rockies to the west and Downtown to the east as it is located right
in the heart of LoDo(lower downtown), a lively area chock filled with
taverns, clubs, restaurants, 16th Street Mall and the legendary El
Chapultepec Jazz Bar right aross the street from the ball yard.

Go Rockies!!!!!!!!! These Rockies will not crumble, they're not made of


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