[JPL] Any BoSoxers fans coming to Denver for World Series???

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By the  way I am truly sorry to see Joe Torre go. He is a class act and he 
has  provided baseball with some of it's finest moments.

btw, a lot of sox fans feel that way. i don't know who they think is  going 
to do a better job--francona is taken and joe is one of the best. 
steinbrenner and the current yankees remind me of the sox when the yawkeys  
were getting older and more crotchety (if that's possible). the older they got  
the more the focus was on "one more world series." the result was disastrous 
as  the other aspects of the organization suffered badly. steinbrenner isn't 
as  drastically out of step as the yawkeys were, but man, this looks  familiar.

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