[JPL] Rockies and Yankees, another similarity

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Interesting comments Arturo.......

I don't like "king" george either and am mourning the loss of Torre.
george by the way is from Cleveland originally.  Nobody likes a bully
and he certainly qualifies.


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Besides both using pinstripes, The Rockies were also known as the
Blake Street Bombers that is. That nickname was very popular in the
pre-humidor days of the mid-90s when the Rockies had quite a lot of home
hitters. The Rockies still hold the single season attendance record.
here love the team, always have, we just despise the owners which was
apparent after the Rox clinched the pennant, for 3 hours after the
conclusion of the game they stood and cheered the team on the field, the
Rockies didn't retreat into the clubhouse so the NL pennant was given to
them on the diamond, when the owners appeared they were boooed



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