[JPL] Thomas Chapin: Feb. 13, 2008--10th Year Anniversary of His Passing

charles blass charles.blass at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 17:20:35 EDT 2007

thanks for considering who would be best to invite and participate in
memorial activities next year.
also we are looking for an appropriate venue in NYC, as well as CT and
perhaps elsewhere.
see www.thomaschapin.com to learn more about this vitally spirited artist
who left us too soon.

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Date: Oct 23, 2007 4:56 PM
Subject: Thomas Chapin: Feb. 13, 2008--10th Year Anniversary of His Passing
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please send this around to friends, fans and music industry
professionals--who can also
send this email out in a 'grassroots' effort--so that we can plan to
remember thomas in his
upcoming 10th year of passing anniversary on feb. 13, 2008. thanks.
terri chapin

dear friends of thomas chapin:


how are you? hope all is well.

i'm contacting you and others to alert you to the upcoming 10th
anniversary of thomas' passing which will be on feb. 13, 2008. this
10th year of his passing  will be an important date to remember him and
an opportunity to speak about  thomas and his legacy. besides his 50th bday
which was remembered last march, this is also an auspicious time--his 10th
year of passing--that we can honor him and his music to the world. another
milestone date won't come around for a while, perhaps his 20th or 25th year
passing--very far away. so now is the time to act.

my request is that you--and others that you might help me to notify by
email, phone calls or word of mouth--who have ability in media--print,
online, airwaves and otherwise--to acknowledge him at this time, might
participate in a little rabble-rousing of remembering thomas chapin
and bring him into the musical consciousness sphere now, and offer
something to the public that is worthy of re-enlivening our hearts
toward this guy who had a huge spirit, deep love of the music and
brought it through with big force and originality.

we all miss him. but we have his memory and his music.

we are also planning a concert for that time, yet to be determined.

i look forward to hearing your thoughts, and any ideas you
might have to help us celebrate the memory of thomas' 10th year of
passing, and for spreading the word.

all the best, and thanks, as always for your thoughtful support,

terri chapin
tel. 718/476-0766

p.s. feel free to share/send this to interested parties and music
professionals who could and would like to also participate in some
way. i would love to hear from them, too!



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