[JPL] Thanx Bill for posting Habao death notice

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Oct 23 21:34:36 EDT 2007

Thank you so very much Bill Barton for posting the death notice of Joe
Texidor-"El Habao". I was looking forward to catching up with him in Janaury
while at the IAJE, I had procured contact information for him, now fate has
intervened, I am deeply saddened and  will have to await to encounter my
fellow Eulipian in Blacknuss and Bright Moments in a future gathering of the
Vibration Society on a higher level of the dog ring, I ay, eye!!!

There is so little bio date on Texidor, I was chock full of questions. In
Afro-Caribbean Spanish a jabao or habao is a light-skinned person with kinky
hair, it is NOT a derogatory term, NEA Jazz Master Paquito D'Rivera is an
example of a jabao.

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