[JPL] Playlist: Sound of Surprise 10-28-07

Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 28 21:46:31 EDT 2007

Sound of Surprise
Washington D.C. 
Sundays 5-7 pm.

1) Calabria Foti-Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow (A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening)
2) Larry Willis-Surrey With The Fringe On Top (The Big Push)
3) Howard Wiley-Twelve Gates To The City (The Angola Project)
4) Pete Mills-Straight Up (Fresh Spin)
5) Abigail Riccards-The Thrill Is Gone (When The Night Is New)
6) Tom Teasley-Sheba's Dream (Painting Time)

Spotlight On Roy Haynes (selections from A Life In Time)
7) Roy Haynes w/P.Newborn, P.Chambers-Reflection (We Three)
8) Roy Haynes-Snap Crackle (Out of The Afternoon)
9) Roy Haynes-My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Birds of a Feather)
10) Roy Haynes w/Sarah Vaughan-Shulie a Bop (Swinging Easy)
11) Roy Haynes w/Thelonious Monk-Rhythm a Ning (Thelonious In Action)
12) Roy Haynes w/John Coltrane-After The Rain (Dear Old Stockholm)
13) Roy Haynes w/Eric Dolphy-Green Dolphin Street (Outward Bound)
14) Roy Haynes w/Chick Corea-Matrix (Now He Sings, Now He Sobs)
15) Roy Haynes-Hippity Hop

Mystery Musician Quiz: saxophonist John Gilmore [birthday]
16) John Gilmore w/Sun Ra-Saturn (Jazz In Silhouette)
17) John Gilmore w/Pete LaRoca Sims-Turkish Women At The Bath (Turkish Women At The Bath)

18) Manu Katche-So Groovy (Playground)
19) George Adams-Going Home (Nightingale)
Host: Larry Appelbaum
jumpmonk at hotmail.com

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