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NIGEL KENNEDY  “Sudel” “Sunshine Alley” “”Nearly” 
Blue Note
JACKIE RYAN   “Moonlight”   “I Just Found Out About
JAMIE FOX  “Five One & A Half” “Row After Row”  “All
In Time”  WHEN I GET HOME  Rare Cat Records
ELEN HONERT   “Blue” “Life Is What You Make It” 
Mill Station Records
TINEKE POSTMA   “Short Conversations”    A JOURNEY
Foreign Media Jazz
CIQUE   “Holland”   Capri Records
RUDDER  “Stable Master”   19/8 Records
Criss Cross Jazz
SEAN JONES  “Allison”  “Journey”  “Never Let Me Go” 
Mack Ave Records
British violinist NIGEL KENNEDY begins SAJS with tunes
from his new cd, BLUE NOTE SESSIONS.  Known as a
classical violinist for his extraordinary command,
Nigel Kennedy fashions wild haircuts, an adacious 
mohawk as a few years ago and along with street lingo
probably fashioned from the Brighten neighborhood
where he's from.
He also known for mixing Jimi Hendrix inspired cadenza
into Beethoven's violin concerto. Can't be all bad for
us street merchants. He also records in jazz and
fusion venues.
“The Blue Note Sessions” cover art reminds me of the
classic Blue Note fifties jazz recordings.  Kennedy
feels similar to those past musicians, the spontaneity
of the recording is paramount and that's why first
takes are always the best in his opinion. The beauty
lies in the 'feel' of musician and that repor with the
audience. We played Duke Pearson's “Sudel,” a peppy
original “Sunshine Alley” with a Hendrix touch and Ron
Carter's nice funky ballad, “Nearly.”
Elegant and sexy on the side West Coast vocalist,
JACKIE RYAN with saxophonist RED HOLLOWAY are next
from her new cd YOU AND THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC.  
Pianist arranger Tamir Handleman is a major influence
in framing Jackie's stylish sensuality with these
classical songs. Jackie Ryan's graceful beauty and
stage presence are so important as she appears at
venues around the world.  This collaboration is a
catalyst to her popularity and career. 
Add the smoky saxophone of Red Holloway and you really
got something going on... 
Her phrasing on this recording is also special.  We
played “Moonlight” written by Alan & Marilyn Bregman
with a nice guitar open from Larry Koonse to a soft
sway of a tremulous bossa nova as Jackie Ryan lets the
lyric tell a love story with Carol Robbins harp
accompaniment. We concluded this segment with “I Just
Found Out About Love” by Harold Adamson and Jimmy
McHugh. As usual, Jackie Ryan just nails the lyric
with the sporty phrasing on saxophone by Red Holloway.
Jackie Ryan has the stage allure of Rita Hayworth and
with Tamir Hendelman's arrangements to these classic
love songs, the new cd, “You And The Night And The
Music”  reserves a special place in  the young and
mature universal love psyche. 
Guitarist JAMIE FOX opens the next segment  with his
new cd ,WHEN I GET HOME. This very well could mean
that he's most comfortable with this music, after many
different excursions with recording artists, Jack Mc
Duff, Dr John, Ernie Watts,
Gene Harris, Tiger Oshoshi and Carla Thomas.  Was
musical director on the Joan Beaz world tour in
Jamie Fox has practiced in all venues. He has
displayed a prominent jazz force in this new “When I
Get Home.”   What do you think he means by this
statement? Jamie Fox has made a comfortable living
able to feed his family as a guitar player/arranger/
manager.   It almost means if you don't have a good PR
agent, then your essential message is lost. Jamie Fox
and his message are apparent in this cd. He loves the
music he plays, and enjoys the recording of this cd. 
On “Moniker,” I thought it was Jim Hall and Paul
Desmond. It's all articulation with Jamie Fox. We
played “Five One & A Half,” “Row After Row” and “All
In Time.” 
Here's a special one, ELLEN HONERT. At first,  I
thought there's a lot of compression in the recording.
After listening to her original “Blue,” it didn't
matter. For the young woman from the Netherlands
discovered in jazz camp in California, very romantic,
Ellen Honert is an original diamond in the ruff.  Is
that too much cotton candy?  Ellen Honert is all that
and very original and thanks to Frank Martin's
orchestration deserves much of the credit for her, a
Catillion dance, coming out party. Any parent would be
proud. Therefore we celebrate this remarkable  young
talent, by going out the country, Nicole Kidman and
Russell Crowe would demure...on taking chances on new
artists, new projects. 
We opened the second hour with an open acoustic
intimate impression by Ellen Honert,  “Life Is What
You Make It,” with Tuck & Patti.
PS: I don't know about you, but I'm going to keep this
girl close to me.
Dutch saxophonist TINEKE POSTMA is next with her
newest, A JOURNEY THAT MATTERS. Ms Postma teaches now
and was a student, back then, at the Amsterdam school
of music. She  also matriculated at the Manhattan
School Of Music with Chris Potter, Dick Oats and David
Liebman. Her expertise is well noted here on her new
cd, We played a Postma original  “Short
Conversations.” She performs on alto, soprano and
tenor saxophone on this cd. 
Tineke Postma, along with Anat Cohen, Jane Ira Bloom,
Jane Bunnett, among others are interesting reed
players, very talented women who forge their own
musical identity. Ms Postma has a more contemporary
view with long high end solo lyrical runs in varying
speeds and motions, amid lush arrangements.
The fusion group CIQUE is next with guitarist John
Abercrombie.  This is so low down and nice, funk
chocolate pudding with Bailey's Irish Crème.  We pick
it up with “Holland,” partly our appreciation for
Tineke Postma and partly the bass line by Bijoux
Barbosa and Jeff Jenkins on Rhodes and Synthe 
This segment concludes  another fusion band RUDDER, a
collaboration with Chris Cheek, saxophones, Henry Hey,
keyboards, Tim Lefebvre, bass and Keith Carlock,
drums. We played the funky hard edged workman's R&B
tale, “Stablemaster.”
Pianist, JOEL WEISKOPF  begins the last segment of
SAJS with a selection from his new cd DEVOTED TO YOU. 
 The Joel Weiskopf Trio with such stellar sidemen as
John Patitucci, bass and Eric Harland, drums.  
To me, they're the worlds  greatest sidemen, a.k.a.
Paul Chambers and Elvin Jones.   After all,  I'm from
Joel Weiskopf is a wonderfully talented jazz pianist
as you'll note, right out of the box, with his
original “Beauty For Ashes,” a bright and bleary,
'we're here for a short time,' urgency. If you haven't
heard anything on Weiskopf, you will,  by now, from
this new, DEVOTED TO YOU on Criss Cross Jazz.
Trumpet player SEAN JONES concludes with selections
form his latest on Mack Ave Records, KALEIDOSCOPE.  
We played “Allison,” a vocalization, similar to Pat
Metheny's use of voice and Donald Byrd's, years ago. 
Sean Jones new cd consists of other interesting vocal
presentations, “Journey” by drummer Kendrick Scott
with lyrics by singer, Gretchen Parlato. And then the
classic love song, “Never Let Me Go,” sung by J.D.
Walter . 
If Kenny Loggins could sing scat, he's sound like 
J.D. Walters. 
In case you haven't noticed, Sean Jones is becoming
the world's greatest post modern trumpet/flugelhorn
Dick Crockett
Still Another Jazz Show
Monday, 10 am & 10pm, Pacific
4623 T Street, Suite A
Sacramento, Ca 95819-4743
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