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<<..I did enjoy the convention and the usual interaction with all  the folks 
you meet at these conventions. I wish I could have stayed  longer. I 
didn't like the New Yorker Hotel and to me a lot of the  restaurants in 
the area look like greasy spoons. I like the area better  where the IAJE 

No doubt about this, but I'm sure budget comes into it. IAJE members  are 
typically traveling on school department or collegiate budgets. The  convention 
is huge, and can drive down the costs of rooms, but probably in  exchange for 
pricey ballrooms and meeting-rooms for concerts and sessions. 
I wonder what the overall economics are, a hotel like the New Yorker (and  
Manhattan Center) versus the Marriott Marquis, or the Sheraton/Hilton  tandem.
Good to see you there!


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