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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the info on the first Jazz Improv Convention as I did not

Also, congrats to you and the Red Sox nation.  You kicked butt!!
We'll continue this never ending baseball saga next year!!!

Also, hold your head up Arturo.  No shame in Colorado.  The Rockies had
a great run... The National League needs to step it up a bit however.

Bobby "Bronx Bomber" Jackson

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I was at the Jazz Improv Convention this weekend for a little while. I 
attended sessions there on Friday but I had to leave Saturday morning.

I didn't get to attend as many of the panels and discussions as I would 
like to have attended. I was on 1 panel on Friday with Tom Mallison, Ed 
Trefzger and Brad Stone as moderator. We were supposed to bring 5 CDs 
with us and be prepared to talk about why we decided to program them. 
The panel started late because there was no CD player in the room. I 
also think it should have been longer than 60 minutes, perhaps 90 mins 
or 2 hours.

I did attend an interesting session on Duke Ellington. The panel 
featured Dan Morganstern, Ira Gitler and Loren Schoenberg. What I heard 
was mostly about early Ellington but it was very informative.

Charles Davis, Randy Weston and Dizzy Reece were on a panel, reflecting 
on the life of Clifford Jordan. These guys all had great stories to

I also did a one on one interview with Frank Wess in one session. I had 
never met Frank before but I think the session went very well. I hope 
the people who attended felt the same way.

Some other radio people I saw in attendance were Steve Schwartz, Derrick

Lucas, Tom Reney, B.H. Hudson and I'm sure there were others whose names

escape me right now. JPL member Ed Bride was also there.

Record folks that I saw included Kate Smith, Al Julian, Mike Herzon, Joe

Fields, Michael Cuscuna, Bret Sjerven, Chris DiGirolomo, and Ann 

There were a number of artists there.

I enjoyed hearing Avery Sharpe and his trio with Onaje Allen Gumbs and 
Winard Harper. Geri Allen did a nice set with a trio plus a tap dancer. 
Mark Elf performed with his working trio. I've known Mark for years and 
I've interviewed him several times but I'd never heard him live. It was 
announced that McCoy would be playing with Jack DeJohnette and Stanley 
Clarke. They were joined by Gary Bartz. Jimmy Heath's Big Band did a 
wonderful set mostly featuring his compositions.

Unlike at IAJE nothing was overcrowed that I saw. That meant that you 
could attend any session you wanted to. That's nice because you can get 
closed out of sessions at IAJE.

I did enjoy the convention and the usual interaction with all the folks 
you meet at these conventions. I wish I could have stayed longer. I 
didn't like the New Yorker Hotel and to me a lot of the restaurants in 
the area look like greasy spoons. I like the area better where the IAJE

Eric Jackson
Mon - Thurs 8 pm - mid.
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