[JPL] The aftermath in Denver

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<<It should've been multi- GRAMMY© winner, Denver's own Dianne  Reeves who 
was home, singing the national anthem to jump start the Series in  the Mile High 
City, after all jazz and baseball are the 2 patrimonies of the  US, yet 
corporate mogul$ opted for a silly pop artist, however at least  Denver
native-Phillip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire fame sang during the  7th
inning stretch.>>
i noticed that as well and Dianne Reeves would have made a lot more  sense. i 
can understand if there's some kind of corporate relationship that  
necessitates some cross-promotion when it's relevant. but i'm assuming the  country 
group, Lone Star, is from texas, and they didn't have anything to do  with the 
rockies, red sox, or baseball in general as far as i could tell. that  made it 
seem pretty cheesy to me, but then fox tends to lean toward the  velveeta 
fairly often. 


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