[JPL] Jazz Improv Conference Reflections

TomtheJazzman tomthejazzman at embarqmail.com
Mon Oct 29 13:47:35 EDT 2007

1.  Good seeing so many contacts in radio, artists and industry.
2.  Back to back sessions do not work...cuts actual presentation time 
down, makes next session late getting started.
3.  Sessions were not over crowded
4.  Some rooms were not set up in advance for audio like reviewing CDs
5.  Maybe having different TRACKS and using the same room might have 
helped in having equipment in a specific room for the weekend
6.  Workshop conflicts are always a problem.  Having TRACKS on various 
interests might help.  Radio, Performance, Interviews.  It seems always 
when Radio Panels are going on there are interesting INTERVIEW SESSIONS 
that compete for the same audience because RADIO people want and need to 
7.  Hotel Restaurants need to be notified of increased business 
potential so they can schedule wait staff for the weekend.
8.  Most Radio Panels were on the third floor but there was no way to 
get there other than the elevator which might have been easier with 
access by steps.
9.  Manhattan Center performances running late created a problem when 
you tried to catch a performance between workshops.
10. Radio sessions at 0900 are the pits and works against participation 
when there are travel issues...everyone does not and could not stay in 
the New Yorker Hotel.
11.  Hotel is really outdated for this size event and the rates 
certainly were not user friendly.
12. Site location near Penn Station and the Subways was great for travel 
and going out to other venues.
13. Dizzy's was the usual BOMB as was the Iridium
14.  JALC tribute to Gil Evans in the Rose Rooms was great and educational
15. Branford in the Allan Room in Tribute to Gil Evans was great.
16. Seeing David Hazeltime and group with Joe Locke at J&R was great as 
well as the JAZZ CDs on Sale.
17.  Coming home to a FUND DRIVE last night was a bummer.
18.  Meeting new artists and people is always a real pleasure.

I welcome your comments and questions for further explanations on or off 
line.  Hope to see you at IAJE in Toronto.


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