[JPL] My two cents on the Jazz Improv Convention... It was a good first effort despite a few problems.

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Mon Oct 29 15:09:28 EDT 2007

Hey Everyone!


This is Jerald Miller from Arkadia Jazz & VIEW Video. For those who were not
in attendance at the convention I thought I'd drop my thoughts in to the
pool, as I attended on all days. First of all I'd like to say I was proud to
go to the Jazz Improv convention and be able to support them by attending. I
think all-in-all it could have been much worse than what it was, and I was
surprised that it was a convention that I didn't mind attending. It was
great seeing all of you who were able to attend there.


1. As this was the first convention, the Thursday night registration was the
pits. If for some reason they didn't have you on the pre-registered list you
had to wait. I ended up waiting an hour because they didn't have me on the
pre-register list for some reason and they didn't have radios to
communicate. Therefore they couldn't find some people. Secondly, Jazz Improv
staff had to write by hand my name on my badge because the printers (and
radios for communication) weren't scheduled to arrive until Friday morning.


2. They panel rooms weren't well run across the boards. Some were better
than others however, but for the most part they generally started on time.
There were several changes to scheduling. Sometimes equipment wasn't in a
room where it was suppose to be, it caused some people to leave because they
weren't ready.


3. The crowd was more diverse than IAJE, they had some regular jazz lovers
(most were musicians) and a number of students who came. From that
perspective it was more diverse.


4. I think Brad Stone did an excellent job at his radio panel, and to me it
differed somewhat from the IAJE panels on radio.. Primarily because there
were basically a lot fewer programmers there driving the discussion towards
radio concerns and more performers there asking how to questions.


5. I didn't care for the exhibit hall, although if you were a candy junkie
it was heaven.lol. The booths were not well placed, and squeezed in. There
was one distributor there selling jazz related products "Ejazzlines"
everybody else was selling there own jazz products. I was disappointed that
I didn't see any of the major jazz labels, primarily Bluenote or Concord
there representing and trying to support the "little guys" (of which I mean
Jazz Improv magazine). Although Bluenote sponsored a Robert Glasper show at
Virgin Megastore. There was no major retailer their selling product like
Borders did last year or Tower (in the years previously) like at IAJE.


6. Saturday, had more people come in. Of special note I liked the following

A)    Jim Eigo's session; 

B)     B) I thought the Panel on running jazz clubs was really informative.
(Ron Sturm , owner of the Iridium in NYC, was especially enlightening)

C)    There was a session with Gregory Davis, son of Miles Davis, where he
talked about his book "Dark Magus", and related the misconceptions about his
father that was a "must see";

D)    . Also of note was the "Future of Jazz Publishing" panel by Boosey &
Hawkes with Adina Williams and Julian Priester.

E)     T.K. Blue's saxophone master class was impressive; 

F)     Sheila Anderson (of WBGO) had a panel where she talked about the
business in general, and a separate session interview Todd Barkan (of Jazz
Corner & Dizzy's Club) which was pretty comprehensive; and last but not

G)    The "Keeping Jazz Radio Thriving" panel was as passionate as any I've
ever seen, and I applaud all the participants there.


7. I don't think the New Yorker was a bad location given the possible budget
of the convention, but the floor they used for exhibits just was not well
laid out. The bummer was the Manhattan center were they had one elevator
available, and you had to walk up at least 10 flights of stairs to get to
something if you didn't want to wait.


8. Wallace Roney cancelled his performance and Don Braden filled in Saturday

9. Max Myrick is no longer doing XM jazz radio programming, it's now Mark
Ruffin. Mark seems to definitely have some ideas of his own, so it will be
interesting to watch the next years or so of what XM is doing.


10. I think there should have been some empty blocks of time where
absolutely nothing was scheduled to encourage people to actually go see the
exhibition area.


11. But all in all I think Eric & Jamie did a great job of turning their
dream into reality. After all this was the FIRST time they undertook such a
feat, and nothing withstanding, I think there could have been way more
problems then there probably were. They actually adapted pretty well, and
when there were problems they tried to address them quickly.


People of note I saw there: Brad Stone, Tom "The jazzman"; Eric Jackson;
Steve Schwartz; Kim Linzy; Mark Ruffin; Ed Trezfegar; Nick Phillips (Concord
A&R VP); Richar Siedel (Former VP Verve); Jeff levenson; Frank Wess; Slide
Hampton; Javon Jackson; Barry Harris; George Wein; Gregory Davis (Miles
Davis's son); T.K. Blue, Billy Taylor; A.J. Smith; ( about 6 other radio
programmers whom I cant remember off the top of my head..lol) .... this is
just a partial listing




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