[JPL] The aftermath in Denver

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--- EdBride at aol.com wrote:

Speaking as a one-time Coloradoan, many years removed, I think that Lone  
Star's style of music conjures the state moreso than Dianne Reeves'. What do
I listen to more? Jazz, of course, not country. But you've got to take it (Fox)
for what it is. Lone Star reminded me of John Denver's sort of country-lite, 
just the thing to stereotype the Rocky Mountain State.


"Stereotype" is th definitive word.

As a Coloradoan, six years removed, I am still astonished that, as the treasure
trove of jazz that it is (not to mention the many other music and art forms
that enrich the area), the Denver metro area gets such little notice at the
national level.  

But Fox is an entity in itself.  Sadly, like most of the commercial media, it
is run by youngsters with little life-experience or knowledge outside of their
own little Pop Culture bubble.

 - Michelle in Peeedro

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