[JPL] The aftermath in Denver

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<<Speaking as a one-time Coloradoan, many years removed, I think  that Lone 
Star's style of music conjures the state moreso than Dianne  Reeves'. What do I 
listen to more? Jazz, of course, not country. But you've  got to take it 
(Fox) for what it is. Lone Star reminded me of John Denver's  sort of 
country-lite, just the thing to stereotype the Rocky Mountain  State.>>

my assumption is that Lone Star's label paid outright to have them sing  at 
game 4. my complaint is not about that or the band's music, but about the  fact 
that they have little relevance to colorado or the rockies. if i were  down 3 
games i'd want some meaningful inspiration from one of the many great  
artists native to my homebase rather than some random band that was the  result of 
corporate favor trading. there are plenty of talented country and  americana 
artists from colorado who could have been more personally inspiring  for the 
team. that variety of corporate interference takes  away part of the advantage of 
being at your homefield. 
 redsox nation

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