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I've  been to many a ballgame, at Fenway and elsewhere, and it never crossed 
my mind  that the players gave a damn about the music and sideshow. Sure, the 
audience  helps pump their adrenalin, and perhaps for three minutes that means 
the  singing of the National Anthem. But then, that's gone in an instant. 

music is more than a sideshow for many teams and often a great inspiration,  
though i don't know how much so for the rockies in particular. but a lot of  
parks have a direct connection to music in some way and most teams find it  
important to have a particular band or radio station playing before games. i  
know that with the red sox, the players care enough that  each of them has a few 
seconds of a personally chosen song  playing at fenway every time they come to 
bat, and a few also like to have a say  in which bands play at some of the 
red sox-sponsored concerts that feature local  acts. the GM is also in a band 
himself. okay, not a great band, but he's a  musichead.

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