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<<..music is more than a sideshow for many teams and often a  great 
inspiration, though i don't know how much so for the rockies in  particular. but a lot 
of parks have a direct connection to music in some way  and most teams find it 
important to have a particular band or radio station  playing before games. i 
know that with the red sox, the  players care enough that each of them has a 
few seconds  of a personally chosen song playing at fenway every time they 
come  to bat, and a few also like to have a say in which bands play at some of 
the  red sox-sponsored concerts that feature local acts. the GM is also in a 
band  himself. okay, not a great band, but he's a  musichead..>>
Yes, many teams/parks do this. My skepticism was restricted to the choice  of 
who sings the Star Spangled Banner.


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