[JPL] The aftermath in Denver. Sports in your city.

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If you have major sports teams in your city, have you ever checked  to 
find out if any individual players are into jazz?  If so, who are they, 
and has your station ever asked them to help during  fund drive?


Jeff Turton wrote:
> Actually Ed I think music does play a big part for the players. As a 
> season ticket holder (and occasionally working games for Fox and NESN) 
> I get to spend a fair amount of time at Fenway each summer. I know 
> each player gets to choose a signature song to be played as they come 
> to bat. Mike Lowell being a Black Sabbath fan, we heard a lot of Ozzie 
> this summer and Manny & Ortiz love their Reggaeton and Merengue. 
>  Jonathon Papelbon has entered every game from the bullpen to the tune 
> of Wild Thing and lately they've added some Dropkick Murphy's to the 
> mix (in honor of his Irish stepping abilities) My friend Mike Wilkins 
> used to do the music at the ballpark and it's all well thought out. At 
> least at Fenway there is nothing random about the music and the 
> players all have an opinion when it comes to the mix.
> Jeff Turton
> WFNX Jazz Brunch
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>>     <<..that variety of corporate interference takes away part of the
>>     advantage of being at your homefield..>>
>> I've been to many a ballgame, at Fenway and elsewhere, and it never 
>> crossed my mind that the players gave a damn about the music and 
>> sideshow. Sure, the audience helps pump their adrenalin, and perhaps 
>> for three minutes that means the singing of the National Anthem. But 
>> then, that's gone in an instant.
>> The crowd will provide their adrenalin rush from other inspiration.
>> Just my opinion, of course.
>> Ed
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