[JPL] The aftermath in Denver

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--- EdBride at aol.com wrote:

> <<..At least at Fenway there is nothing random about the music  and the 
> players all have an opinion when it comes to the  mix..>>
> Understood. I'm just guessing that they don't give a rat's patootie who  
> sings the National Anthem.
> Ed

A curiosity...just how many of the Rockies (or the players of any team) are
U.S. born citizens, how many are naturalized, and how many take their big bucks
back to Japan or whatever Latin American country they were recruited from?  

Seems that if those who are not U.S. born, or have not devoted their hearts to
become a citizen, they are the ones who could care less.  No doubt, however,
there are those American players who have a Gen-Y frame of mind ala Paris
Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Brittany Spears.

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