[JPL] The aftermath in Denver / players are jazz fans?

georgetfuller at juno.com georgetfuller at juno.com
Mon Oct 29 18:47:11 EDT 2007

      After reading most of the response in regard to  'aftermath in Denver '  ,,,  I'll give Denver this that in 1984 an article in trivia was printed in the San Francisco Chronicle that stated "Denver had more jazz clubs than any city in the country "  //  That was  84 or 85 // as far as sports figures being  jazz fans ,,, these guys are or get rich //  and how many 24/7 jazz stations are in the U S A ?    touchdowns or homeruns  do  not equate to culture or class  --  George Fuller ,, Facilities Director KRML  Carmel  24/7 Jazz & Blues    ( sports is BIG business ,,  how much from that do you see during your pledge drive ? ) 
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