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My Programs and Playlists for November 2007 including 18 & 25/10/07
                                                   ARTIST/Track/Album/Label      * = Australian

Thu 18/10/07 "Jazz on The Terrace" Noon - 1pm "Jazz Lunch - light & Cool"
1) JAN VERWIJ/Dolphin' Dance/How Low Can You Go?/Timeless
2) WENDY FOPEANO/Centre Piece/ Raining On The Roses/Outside Shore Music
3) GREG CHAKO/Ocean Blues/Integration II/Greg Chako Productions
4) DENISE JANNAH/Softly as in a Morning Sunrise/The Madness of Our Love/Blue Note
5) DON BURROWS*/How Long Has This Been Going On?/Whenever/Morrison Records
6) MARLENE RICHARDS*/Love Letters/Here, There & Everywhere/Independent
7) KYM PURLING*/Kelley's Blues/Reunion Concert 6/4/04/Independent
8) JANET SEIDEL*/These Foolish Things/Comme Ci Comme Ca/LA BRAVA

Thu 25/10/07 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) GARY BRUNOTTE/Bridgemix/Manic Moments/Sincopato Records
2) JOHN PISANO/Rosetta/Guitar Night/MelBay
3) LENORE RAPHAEL/The Can't Take That Away From Me/Invitation/Swinginfox
4) WENDY FOPEANO/Watermelon Man/Raining on the Roses/Outside Shore Music
5) GREG CHAKO/Takachan/Where We Find Ourselves/Greg Chako Productions
6) TAYLOR/FIDYK BIG BAND/Boptitude Test/A Perfect Match/Writegroove Productions
7) JEFF BAKER/Time After Time/Shopping for Your Heart/OA2
8) EDDIE DANIELS/That's for Afta/Homecoming/IPO
9) FRANK WEDER BIG BAND/OTBS/Project Jazz/Foot Note Productions
10) BRADFORD HAYES/Black Nile/The Jazz Life/IntensityMusic
11) CHARLES GATSCHET/Step Lightly/Step Lightly/Charles Gatschet Publishing
12) UPPER EAST SIDE BIG BAND/Very Strange Night/Very Strange Night/GIGITY Records
13) DEBBIE PORYES/Sweet and Lovely/A Song in Jazz/Jazzscholl Records
14) MIKE DIRUBBO/New Year's Dream/New York Accent/Cellar Live
15) PHIL COLLINS BIG BAND/Invisible Touch/A Hot Night in Paris/WEA International

Thu 1/11/07 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) MIKE DIRUBBO/Clarity/New York Accent/Cellar Live
2) EDDIE DANIELS/Under The Wire/Homecomong/IPO
3) BERNIE KENERSON/B.W./Just You & Me/BurnUp
4) PAUL CARR/But Not For Me/Just Noodlin'/Jazz Karma
5) GREG CHAKO/Winter Solstice/Where We Find Ourselves/Greg Chako Productions
6) TAYLOR/FIDYK BIG BAND/After You've Gone/A Perfect Match/Writegroove Prodns
7) JEFF BAKER/Yardbird Suite/Shopping for Your Heart/OA2
8) GEORGE IGLESIAS/Cross Road Blues/Harlequin/Independent
9) DOTTI ANITA TAYLOR/Herkimer/A Morning Glory/Independent
The Australian Jazz Quintet One Hour Special Australia 20/09/93/AJQ Reunion /BRAVO
10) That Old Feeling
11) Loose Walk
12) Millstream
13) Gin From A Foreign Country
14) Almost Like Being In Love
15) Nostalgia
16) Blues For Cyber
17) Jazz in D Minor

Fri 9/11/07 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm 'What's New" Contemporary Jazz
1) GUITARBANDITS/George the Mandril/Dutch Jazz 2005/Radio Netherlands WorldWide
2) THOMAS MARRIOTT/What The Mirror Said/Both Sides Of The Fence/Origin
3) DAVID JOEL/Eastern Truth/Spiral Sky/Turning Point
4) JARMO SAVOLAINEN/Spider Ballad/Songs For Trio/KSJAZZ**
5) JASON KAO HWANG/Embers/Local Lingo/Euonymus
6) MICHIEL BORSTLAP/Jambition/Dutch Jazz 2007/Radio Netherlands WorldWide
7) NORDIC TRINITY/Offering/Wonders Never Cease/KSJAZZ**
8) SAM YAHEL/Night Game/Truth and Beauty/Origin
9) ALBRECHT MAURER/Horizontal Shower/Movietalks/JazzHausMusik
11) SACO YASUMA/The Fifth Season/Another Rain/Leaf Note
12) SAMSON TRINH/I Can't Believe I'm Addicted To The O.C./Very Strange Night/Giggity
13)JONATHAN KREISBERG/The South Of Everywhere/The South Of Everywhere/MelBay
14) JAY LAWRENCE/Thermal Srut/Thermal Strut/OA2
15) JON HEMMERSAM/DOM MINASI/Sprint/Jon Hemmersam & Dom Minasi/CDM Records
16) BOBBY BROOM/Blues for Modern Man/Song and Dance/Origin

                                                                            ** = available at www.digelius.com
Thu 15/11/07 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) EDDIE DANIELS/Django/Homecoming/IPO
2) GREG CHAKO/Ballad for Andy/Paint a Picture, Tell a Story/Greg Chako Productns
3) FRANK WEDER BIG BAND/Life is Good/Project Jazz/Foot Note Productions
4) BRADFORD HAYES/Carolyn/The Jazz Life/IntensityMusic
5) JONATHAN KREISBURG/Stella By Starlight/The South Of Everywhere/MelBay
6) UPPER EAST SIDE BIG BAND/Time After Time/Very Strange Night/Giggity Records
7) BERNIE KENERSON/Staying In Shape/Just You & Me/BurnUp Records
8) CHARLES GATSCHET/Fly Boy/Step Lightly/Charles Gatschet Publishing
9) DEBBIE PORYES/Hadn't Anyone Till You/A Song In Jazz/Jazzschool Records
10) WENDY FOPEANO/Caravan/Raining On The Roses/Outside Shore Music
11) GARY BRUNOTTE/Manic Moments/Manic Moments/Sincopato Records
12) MCNEELY/SILL/SPENCER/Ernie Banks/BoneYard/Origin
13 ZACH BROCK and The Coffee Achievers/Leftover Stub from the Wax Museum/Live at the Jazz Factory
                                                                                                                    Secret Ford Records
14) KATIE BULL/There Will Never Be Another You/The Story,So Far/Corn Hill Indie

Tue 20/11/07 "Jazz on The Terrace" Noon - 1pm "Jazz Lunch - light & Cool"
1) CHARMAINE CLAMOR/Dahil Sa'yo/Flippin' Out/FreeHam
2) WENDY FOPEANO/Autumn Leaves/Raining on the Roses/Outside Shore Music
3) US 3/ABC/Say What!?/US3
4) PEARL DJANGO/Mulholland Bounce/Modern Times/ModernHotRecords
5) MICHAEL CAMACHO/I Should Care/Just For You/New Found Records
6) JOHN BASILE/Up Up and Away/Time Will Reveal/Underhill Jazz
7) SANDY DENNISON/A Wonderful Day Like Today/Jazzed/SDR Records
8) DOTTI ANITA TAYLOR/Gentle Rain/A Morning Glory/Independent
9) JAN EISEN/You Must Believe In Spring/Summer Me,Winter Me/One Take

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