[JPL] PLAYLIST - WSHA 10/29/07 Straight No Chaser

Susan Reeves susan at susanreeves.net
Wed Oct 31 03:29:55 EDT 2007

WSHA 88.9 Raleigh -  Straight No Chaser,   Monday Edition (Susan Reeves)
Monday October 29, 2007         8-midnight

(artist- song title - cd) (*- recent release)
Keith Jarrett/Peacock/DeJohnette - Butch and Butch  (Up for It) 
Clifford Brown - Brownie Speaks  (Memorial Album) 
Jackie Ryan - Let There Be Love (You and the Night and the Music) * 
Choro Ensemble - Bolo De Fuba (Nosso Tempo) * 
Manuel Valera - So You Say  (Vientos) * 
Slow Poke - Afro Blake (At Home) * 
Ezra Weiss - Run Under the Fountain  (Get Happy) * 
Poncho Sanchez- Maceo's House (Raise Your  Hand)* 
Lisa Markley - Fork in the Road (The Sky is Blue and Sometimes Cries) * 
Pearl Django - The Conversation (Modern Times)* 

9:06              (featuring NC's Frank  Kimbrough) 
Frank  Kimbrough - Kid Stuff  (Lullabluebye) 
Herbie Nichols Project -   The Happenings (Strange City) 
Ron Brendle Trio  - Dee Dee (Here) 
Kendra Shank - Alone Together   (Reflections) 
Maria Schneider - Danca Ilusoria (Concert in the Garden) 
Ben Allison  - Peace Pipe  (title) 
Katie Bull - Love Spook  (title) 
Frank  Kimbrough - Lucent   (Play) 

Clifford Brown - Joy Spring  (Proper Box Set) 
Sarah Vaughan - You're Not the Kind (Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown) 
John Hicks - I Remember Clifford  (Sweet Love of Mine) 
Jessica Williams - The Judge  (This Side Up) 
Betty Carter - East of the Sun   (I'm Yours, You're Mine) 
Barry Harris - Nascimento   (First Time Ever) 
Hadda Brooks - That's My Desire  (Hadda Sings) 
Jim Balagurchik - Glorious Sun (Free at Last) * 

Marty Ehrlich/Myra Melford  - I See a Horizon   (Spark!) * 
Joel Frahm - Bob's Blues  (We Used To Dance) * 
Luciana Souza - You and the Girl  (New Bossa Nova) * 
Either/Orchestra - The Brunt (title) 
Andy Milne - The Times They Are A-Changin'  (Dreams and False Alarms) * 
John Scofield - Behind Closed Doors  (This Meets That) * 
Andrew Hill - Samba Rasta (Eternal Spirit) 
Julie Hardy - On the Verge (The Wish) * 

WSHA 88.9 FM
Raleigh, N.C.

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