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Blaise Lantana blaise.lantana at riomail.maricopa.edu
Tue Sep 4 22:10:30 EDT 2007

Hello Bobby,
We use Selector and it does a good job of doing what I tell it to do.
Not being tech savvy, I am probably not using it to its full potential but
it does a good job of arranging my hour the way I want.  

We only use this for programming a schedule to view, and then I find and
play the CDs from our music library; I know some people are going directly
into an audio vault file with this but we are still on CDs.    

I like that I can have different clocks for different hours and then I can
arrange the clock in one particular hour to have more classics or more new
material or fewer vocals.

I also have Christmas clocks and holiday clocks and music coded to fit them
which has been great for the different seasons.

At first I wasn't too excited about using a computer program but it is so
much better than just my brain because I can write in *Love* and it will
pull up every song with that word in the title.  With so many titles in a
jazz library it remembers things I might overlook.  I can also access
material according to artist, so it will pull up all the Coltrane in the
library, even stuff he is a side man on if I have entered his name on the
tune.  This has been really helpful for my 9 O'clock Special, where I
feature a different artist or topic every night.

I can also pull up everything in a category, so if I don't feel like playing
Ella I click on K and everything in the vocal categories comes up.  You
could also separate this Male and Female vocal if you want to put that into
the code.   

It is easy to change and I'm always adjusting the show up until the last
minute and on rare occasions will take a request and fit that in as well.
There is a J for juggle and I can switch a tune to the next hour for a tune
in that hour. 

Our webmaster has The Selector program set up to go directly to our website
so that when I change something on the program it will show up on the web
and people can access our play list to find out what they heard. 

The hardest part was the entering of everything and figuring out how I want
to code things. We still have to enter new material with all the codes, but
I have a very good assistant to do that.   

Looking forward to hearing about others using this and other systems,
Blaise Lantana
Music Director
KJZZ Phoenix
Streaming at kjzz.org

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