[JPL] Sidebar to Cuban Music Special "90 Millas"

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Sep 5 18:13:17 EDT 2007

When the recording sessions details for Gloria Estefan's "90 Millas" CD were
released it caused a quite a stir among the traditional "Cuban exile"
community of Miami, New Jersey, Los Angeles and other Cuban enclaves because
one of the featured guests is Carlos Santana who ruffled their feathers when
he wore a Ché Guevarra tee while attending a GRAMMY© ceremony. Many
prominent Cuban-Americans wrote open letters and op-eds chiding Santana, one
letter was a by a leading musician. Meanwhile in Miami it was ammunition for
the Spanish language talk shows on the  Cuban AM stations. There is still a
on-line petition demanding several concessions by Gloria and Emilio Estefan
because of the recording and release of this album slated for a September
24th release.  http://www.petitiononline.com/05201902/petition.html  Even
the most promimenent Cuban American celebrity who is a staunch
anti-Castroite is not immune from the wrath of the extreme sector of exiled
Cuban leaders if they "don't toe the line".

I am a US citizen of Cuban-Basque heritage, like over 95% of Cubans on or
off the island, we want a change in the government of Cuba, however I find
it impossible to fight intolerance with intolerance instead of setting the
example of civil liberties in an open society. About 10 years ago Gloria
Estefan who is strictly a pop singer, in either language, recorded a tribute
to Cuba with her Mi Tierra-"My Country" CD, musically it was a delight, like
90 Millas it had as  guest instrumentalists, the cream of the crop and it
was an authentic musical journey back to pre-1959 Cuba, however Gloria is no
sonera-(improvising singer of Cuban music/salsa) or even a bolerista so it
made it difficult for those with discerning ears for Afro-Cuban and salsa
music to enjoy-think Britney Spears singing the Eddie Jefferson songbook. I
have heard a few advance tracks of 90 Millas, like Mi Tierra it promises to
be a rewarding musical recording experience that will have me wishing for
the instrumental version release.

Gloria and company have already recorded the "Release Party", it was filmed
last week in Key West, Florida which is 90 miles from the Cuban coast,  has
been part of Cuban and US history for over 150 years and is home to San
Carlos-Casa Cuba. The extended video will be aired on Univisión 's Despierta
América(Wake Up)on Sept. 17th, the week before 90 Millas launching.

Arturo Gómez

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