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Bobby - 

I've used Selector and MusicMaster extensively (plus the Natural Music program I mentioned before). The basic structure for all of these programs are the same; all contain a basic database with hundreds of fields, all use clocks and categories, all have extensive analysis and log-printing functions, and all interface with automation and digital audio systems in one form or another.  The basic guts are pretty much the same across the board. There are differences of course in how they look and you might find differences in "user friendliness", but nothing significant in my book.

Have the software companies send you some demo material to see for yourself.


Price is the big thing to look for.  See what those companies offer as part of a "non-profit" package (usually cheaper than what commercial stations pay). Whoever out of Selector/Musicmaster/PowerGold gives you the best deal and the best support service, take it.  




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Thank you BH,

Have you used other music scheduling software? Can you give a side by side 
comparison of say, Selector v. PowerGold? How many JPLer's use music 
scheduling software and are there other varieties other than Selector, Power 
Gold and Music Master? I am keenly interested in getting a package for 


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I use Powergold. Nick is so right about scheduling software, it allows for 
much better preparation and you have control over the flow from song to 
song, hour to hour, etc. Like Blaise, I have different clocks for different 
hours, different announcers, including holiday programming and whatever else 
we might offer.
BH Hudson

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Blaise pretty much nailed it with what you can do with Selector. Selector 
is the "industry standard" for programmers, but MusicMaster and PowerGold 
are two other very good programs that are used by many radio stations. I use 
a program in my home studio called Natural Music, which has all the basic 
doodads that the above programs have, but much more affordable.

It's ironic that many jocks who program their own shows resist using this 
tool (for a variety of reasons), yet they're the ones who could most benefit 
from it. Putting together a creative and lively show takes a lot of prep 
time... and having a sophisticated database of all your music, organized and 
coded to your specifications, allows you to be more efficient in accessing, 
organizing, and setting up your tunes. You could do something like this 
using Access or Excel, but programs like Selector are like Excel on 


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Esteemed JPLer's

I'm interested in getting a list of suggestions of the various music
scheduling softward programs that are currently being used. Which one do
you use and which one would you like to have? I'll just sit and watch the
parade of answers now.


Bobby Jackson

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