[JPL] Detroit Jazz Festival

Bobby Jackson ftapache1 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 6 22:55:05 EDT 2007

I loved your thought Blaise....

Detroit is Jazz Disneyland during Labor Day.  Actually, it's better than 
Disneyland.  You can still take the kids and all of the activities are free 
from noon to midnight and beyond.  No sticker shock here.

My Top Ten?

    10.  The Brubeck Brothers

      9.  The Daily New Orleans second line parade

      8.  Herbie Hancock rockin out "Chameleon"

      7.  Late night jam sessions at the Top Of The Ponch.

      6.  Dominick Farinacci Quartet.

      5.  Seldom Blue super brunch

      4.  Jazz for Kids tent  (Xavier loved it!)

      3.  Gerald Wilson Orchestra

      2.  Sean Jones (the humble, the magnificent!)

      1.  Patti Austin and the Orchestra  (despite my own professional 
distractions at that time, she was amazing!!!! Thank you Patti...)

Great to see everyone.  Brad, Veronica, Linda, Dwayne, Dennis Naranjo, 
Regina Carter, Russell Malone, Shahida Nurullah, Grace Kelly, Sean Jones, 
Rodney Whitaker, Warmdaddy and Desi, Teddy Pontremoli, Jerry Byrd and the 

God bless Gretchen Valade.  She is the straw that stirs the broth!  We 
should be so lucky one day in Cleveland to have a patron as caring about our 
music community and generous (are you seeing this Peter B. Lewis???).

God bless Detroit's favorite Clevelander, Terri Pontremoli for her vision, 
passion, advocacy and acumen.

And last but not least, Dr. Jazz.  You don't get enough credit for all you 
do for us all.  You're a great ambassador for Detroit.  It's great by the 


Bobby Jackson

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