[JPL] IAJE Toronto headcount

Ed Trefzger ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com
Fri Sep 7 11:54:22 EDT 2007


I'm looking to see who is going to make the trek to Toronto for IAJE -- 
we have radio panels to fill, and those participating will be comped for 
their conference registration.

Please contact me OFF LIST at ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com if you are going 
to attend and if you wish to be on a panel or moderate one.

Panel topics will include:

1) Selecting and Scheduling Music -- we'll be looking for a broad range 
of panelists, from those who schedule all music on their stations using 
software to those who leave it open to the hosts, plus people in between 
who use a clock or some other framework for rotating tracks.  Looking 
for what goes into evaluating specific tracks, how they are rotated, how 
to use library material, recurrents, etc.  The make up of this panel is 
specifically for radio programmers.

2) Promotion of Music to Radio -- this is a perennial favorite, but I'd 
like to change the focus somewhat.  This panel will require both 
programmers and promoters.  We've been through sort of the basics in the 
past; this time I'd like to see us focus on the difficulties and create 
some realistic expectations.  Because there are -- in my opinion -- too 
many records chasing too few hours, I'd like to see a good, practical 
assessment from both sides about what records should get promoted and 
how to wade through it.  And, I'd suggest, when to decide that a record 
just shouldn't be promoted to radio.  So rather than an ABC, 123, 
approach to promotion, this would be a panel in which we'd set the bar 
for what a recording needs to be like artistically, commercially, etc.

3) Jazz Radio Roundtable -- this is one for people with thick skins.  I 
would be looking for radio veterans here and maybe a promoter.  This 
would be a chance to cover various topics we never get to, plus allow 
those not in the radio and records business to have a chance to speak 
their minds.


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