[JPL] The 6th Annual September Concert for 9/11 in New York City

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Music all over New York City.  Please join in at any of the venues that you can, at any hour that you can.  Lift your spirits, your voices, your hearts.


                  The Sixth Annual
                  THE SEPTEMBER CONCERT


                  The Third Annual
                  THE HEART OF JAZZ
                  Now in 5 locations!


                  THE SEPTEMBER CONCERT FOR 9/11

                  "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." 

                  -Aldous Huxley

                  Begun in 2002, The September Concert is the free citywide concert series that seeks each year to respond to the attacks of 9/11 by filling the skies with music.

                  Annually, The September Concert, a non-profit organization, commemorates the horror visited upon NYC on September 11, 2001 by placing free music from every genre from classical to hip-hop in park spaces, shops, cafes, office buildings, clubs and restaurants across NY's five boroughs-utilizing the full healing properties of music both to honor those we've lost and to celebrate life and our shared humanity. In six years, TSC has grown from a few hundred performers in a few venues in NYC, to over 3,400 artists performing in over 250 locales worldwide, attracting greater recognition with each year. 

                  TSC's jazz component, The Heart of Jazz, was added in 2005. In its first two years, The Heart of Jazz has allowed scores of top jazz musicians to come together as a community to express that most horrid of days in the way that makes sense to us-through the music.

                  Initially, The Heart of Jazz was held in a restaurant on Columbus Avenue which volunteered to host an event. For 2007, this jazz component expands greatly, offering the healing nature of this great music in FIVE VENUES across Manhattan. We are coordinating our jazz effort to maximize the impact of each of these efforts. This will help accommodate the growing number of artists wishing to express themselves about the day and its aftermath, as well as the audience seeking to hear those messages.

                  Sponsors and Supporters from 2006 & 2007

                  Con Edison
                  GristedesSupermarket    NYC & Company     Chancellor Joel Klein, 
                       NYC Department of 
                  Tribeca Family Day     
                  Riverdale Country 
                      School pt.1
                  Riverdale Country 
                      School pt.2     
                  Temecula Sister Cities 

                  Academy Bus Company 
                  Alliance for Downtown 
                       New York 
                  Andrew Heiskell Library 
                  Association for a Better   
                       New York 
                  Battery Park City Authority 
                  Beijing Municipal Government 
                  Bloomberg LP 
                  Office of Brooklyn Borough 
                    President Marty Markowitz 
                  British Memorial Garden 
                  City University of New York 
                  Congregation Emau-El 
                  Daily News 
                  Honorable and Mrs. Dennis 
                  East Midwood Jewish Ctr .
                  FedEx Kinko's 
                  Felissimo Design House 
                  Fisher Brothers 
                  The Flea Theater 
                  Focus Business Solutions  
                  Fox Television Stations, Inc 
                  Grand Central Partnership 
                  Kingsborough Community 
                  Little Red School House -
                      Elizabeth Irwin HS
                  Madison Avenue BID 
                  May Ellen and Gerald 
                       Ritter Foundation 
                  Metro Tech 
                  Milo Printing 
                  Molloy College 
                  Monday Properties 
                  Musicians on Call 
                  Metropolitan Transit 
                       Authority - Arts for   
                  National Dance Institute 
                  New York Choral 
                  NYC & Co  
                  NYC Department of 
                       Parks & Recreation 
                  NYPD Police Band   
                  New York Pops 
                  New York Restoration 
                  New York State 
                       Broadcasters Assn. 
                  Newmark Knight Frank 
                  Office of Manhattan Borough President 
                       Scott M. Stringer 
                  Paramount Group 
                  Peter Cooper Village/Stuyvesant 
                  Real Estate Board of 
                       New York 
                  Reckson Associated Realty Corporation 
                  RECYouth Program -
                   NYC Dept. Parks & Rec 
                  RFR Realty 
                  Rubenstein Associates 
                  Rudin Management 
                  St. Joseph's Church 
                  St. Patrick's Cathedral 
                  Sister Cities Intl.
                  Sister City Program Of 
                       The City of New York 
                  South Street Seaport - 
                       Pier 17 
                  Sweet Concessions Inc. 
                  The Bitter End 
                  The Livingroom 
                  Tibetan Museum 
                  Tishman Speyer Properties 
                  Trizec Properties 
                  Union Square Hospitality Group 
                  United Nations 
                  United States Navy  
                  Vornado Realty Trust 
                  Xaverian High School 

           Greeley Square
                  (6th Ave. & W. 32nd St.)
                  Faculty / Students / Alumni & Friends of 
                  The New School Jazz Program

                  The Heart of Jazz at Lunchtime!

                  Hosted by Janet Lawson

                  Jean Rohe, v and Richard Harper, p

                  1) "Department of Good and  Evil" 
                        (Rachel Z, p; Bobbie Rae, d & Maeve Royce, b)
                  2) Dana Behr, v and Chris Kuklis, g

                  LeeAnn Ledgerwood, p; Ron McClure, b; Billy Hart, d; Jeremy Vimmer, ts

                  1) Yakir Ben-Hur, p & Assaf Hakimi,b
                  2) Melanie J-B Charles, g & v; Farai Malianga, perc. & v

                  1) Worldwide September Concert Anthem: "I Believe In Music"
                  2) Kate Baker, v
                  3) LaToya Smith, v & g

                  "Old School, New School" 
                  (Benny Powell, tb; T.K. Blue, as & fl; Sayuri Goto, p; Barry Cooper, tb; Dave Robaire, b; Hayden Hawkins, d)

                  Francesca Tanksley, p; Ratzo B. Harris, b; Newnman T. Baker, d; Kyle Wilson, ts; Judy Bady, v

                  Cecilia St. King, v & g with Stuart Kabak, v & g

                  Creole Jazz Restaurant
                  2167 3rd Avenue
                  (@ E. 118th St.)
                  212) 876-8838

                  The Heart of Jazz Uptown from 
                  4:00p 'til Midnight!

                  4:00p - 8:00p: Early segment hosted by Antoinette Montague

                  Scheduled talents for this segment include:
                  Bertha Hope / Mala Waldron / John Cooksey / Bobby Sanabria / Christine Sotmary / Mamika Watabe / Antoinette Montague

                  8:00p - Midnight: Late segment hosted by Dr. Jeff Gardere

                  Scheduled talents for this segment include:
                  Nora McCarthy & Jorge Sylvester / Tony Middleton /  Amy London & vocal students of The New School Jazz Program with Yakir Ben-Hur and Assaf Hakimi / Hymie Rivera / Patience Higgins / Neil Alexander / Daniela Schachter / the Eric Lewis trio

                  The Sugar Bar
                  254 W. 72nd St.
                  (bet. Broadway & West End Avenue)
                  212) 579-0222

                  The Heart of Jazz on the Westside!

                  Hosted by E. J. Decker

                  Singer, Piano, Bass, Drums. 
                  (Guitar and Sax times are approx.)

                  5:30 - 6:00 
                  Gabriele Tranchina, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Harvie S, Eric McPherson, Lou Vega, gtr 

                  6:00 - 6:30 
                  E. J. Decker, Tedd Firth, Ratzo B. Harris, Michael T.A. Thompson, Lou Vega, gtr

                  6:30 - 7:00 
                  Melissa Hamilton, Peter Zak, Jon Burr, Peter Runnells, Lou Vega, gtr

                  7:00 - 7:30 
                  Lainie Cooke, Lewis Porter, Jon Burr, Yutaka Uchida, Lou Vega, gtr, Bob Kindred, ts

                  7:30 - 8:00 
                  Jody Sandhaus, Peter Malinverni, Gene Perla, John Armato, Nobuki Takamen, gtr, Bob Kindred, ts

                  8:00 - 8:30 
                  Anne Phillips, Janice Friedman, Gene Perla, John Armato, Nobuki Takamen, gtr, Bob Kindred, ts

                  8:30 - 9:00 
                  Sheila Jordan, Cameron Brown (duo; no pno or dms)

                  9:00 - 9:30 
                  Jay Clayton, Luis Perdomo, Cameron Brown, Vito Lesczak, Nobuki Takamen, gtr, Claire Daly, bs

                  9:30 - 10:00 
                  Antoinette Montague, Les Kurtz, Saadi Zain, Vito Lesczak, Jeanfrancois Prins, gtr, Claire Daly, bs

                  10:00 - 10:30 
                  Ritt Henn (v), Deanna Witkowski, Ritt Henn, Bruce Jackson, Jeanfrancois Prins, gtr, Claire Daly, bs

                  10:30 - 11:00 
                  Kendra Shank, David Berkman, Ritt Henn, Jacob Melchior, Jeanfrancois Prins, gtr, Claire Daly, bs

                  11:00 - 11:30 
                  LaRe, James Weidman, Hilliard Greene, Jacob Melchior, Jeanfrancois Prins, gtr

                  The Greenwich Village Bistro
                  61 Carmine Street
                  (@ 6th Avenue & Bleecker Street)
                  212) 206-9777


                  The Heart of Jazz in the West Village!

                  Four stunning solo artists...

                  Rob McCone

                  Roberta Piket

                  Trixie Whitley

                  Malcolm Hunter

                  The 5C Cafe
                  68 Avenue C
                  (@ E. 5th St.)
                  212) 477-5993

                  The Heart of Jazz on the Lower East Side!

                  Harmonic Insurgence 
                  (7 voices for an unsettled world)

                  Gene Glickman, conductor
                  Don Raphael, Bobby Greenberg, Chris Carlson, Janice Masakhane, 
                  Mara Goodman, Ellen Davidson

                  The sweet sounds of resistance-a glorious ensemble of voices; choristers, soloists, activists singing in several languages. Their repertoire touches issues of peace and war, class, racial justice, prison, labor struggles and the environment. The music draws from the traditions of Latin American, Jewish, and African music, as well as the Blues, Spirituals, and other songs in English, and has all been arranged with great sensitivity and exciting freshness for a cappella voices by conductor Gene Glickman. The performers' commitment to the various issues contributes to the urgency and intensity of the many different emotions in the singing of these songs for an unsettled world.

                  We hope you have the opportunity to pass by some of these marvelous musicians listed here. Or any of the over 3,500 artists who will be playing all over the city on Tuesday.

                  Hopefully, a few bars that we may play may touch your heart and help heal some small territory there.

                  We remember and mourn still those close to us who perished that fateful day.

                  We also look forward, seeking to embrace peace for our future.


                  E. J. Decker
                  The September Concert:
                  The Heart of Jazz

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      The September Concert: the Heart of Jazz | 240 W. 98th St. | New York | NY | 10025 


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