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Ditto, Jae.... His importance cannot be underestimated... From Ben
Webster to Cannonball (more important straight ahead work) to Miles to
Weather Report to Weather Update to Zawinul Syndicate.... An era comes
to a close.  I had the pleasure of interacting with him on several
occasions, interviews and just hangin' with him, and he was a real
character - very funny and a great cat.  I'll never forget the occasions
of seeing the Syndicate perform at the Kuumbwaa in Santa Cruz, and the
incredible funky, rhythmic stuff they laid down.  Joe was a master
improviser, who would often do "more with less", with his occasional
choice placement of a chord here and there.  He will be greatly missed -
truly one of a kind.

Rest in peace, Joe - Aloha!

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Nice post, Jae...word!

Not too many people seem to remember Zawinul played acoustic piano with
lots of folks before he worked with Miles. I love him on the sessions he
did with Ben Webster, for example.


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