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Tue Sep 11 17:10:39 EDT 2007

Dear Jazz Friends -


The jazz community across the U.S. is mourning KMOX AM 1120's decision to
eliminate Don Wolff's program.  I recently received an email from a high
school student who said, "what was KMOX thinking?"  Not only is Don Wolff a
leading advocate for jazz across the nation, he is a pillar of our
community.  An attorney, judge, defender of evil, call him what you will.Don
is one of the few who have a pulse on what is America's only original art
form:  JAZZ.  Not only is Don one of the founders of the "Old Webster Jazz &
Blues Festival" that now attracts 10,000 people annually, he also created
the "Wolff Jazz Institute" at Harris-Stowe University, and he has been an
integral part of various jazz cruises.  His show is entertaining,
informative, and much loved across the nation and around the world.  Where
other radio hosts fail, Don Wolff bridges the gap to include all types of
jazz and guests; regardless of ethnicity.  Don Wolff interviews
international talent and gives voice to our community and its organizations.
If KMOX is truly the "voice of St. Louis," why make a counter intuitive
decision to take away that voice?


If you love Don Wolff's "I Love Jazz" program as much as he loves jazz,
please let KMOX know what you think today!  Email vice-president and general
manager, Dave Ervin at dmervin at cbs.com.




Dawn K. DeBlaze

deblazeassoc at centurytel.net

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