[JPL] Rosh Hashanah

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Wed Sep 12 05:36:50 EDT 2007

Many Thanks,
What a new year it is too - 9/11 remembered, Zawinul passing...
Having seen Joe in the Bay Area every year from 72, I've had many 'moments'.

However, there are a few that stand out. 
Having a one on one conversation with him after driving 500 miles to see him
in LA at the Catalina Bar & Grille has to be the winner.
I waited till after the show to ask him for autographs.
I brought a bag of goodies and the first thing I pulled out was my Japanese
import 'Purple' by Miroslav Vitous (with Zawinul, Cobham, McLaughlin, and
When he saw it still wrapped in it's original plastic, he grabbed my arm and
pulled me aside, set up two chairs and said, "Let's talk". He went on to say
couldn't sign it because [please don't quote me as this is best
recollection], that all the players on the record were not aware of it's
release until after it came out, therefore,
it was without his [or anyone else's] authorization or permission. He
explained that everyone playing in the studio never thought the music would
see the light of day and everyone was surprised
when it came out. I found this very interesting because while it was
recorded in 1970, it was released much later, and both Zawinul and
Mahavishnu were both signed to CBS
at the time. Strange they would let that happen. 
I then pulled out the book "A portrait of Zawinul" and again he refused to
sign it saying again it wasn't authorized. I told him, I drove 500 miles to
see him, so he quickly asked,
well, what else did you bring? Thankfully he signed my Bitches Brew Complete
Sessions and the new Weather Report 'Live & Unreleased'. 
I remember his body language and tone of voice was one of the most friendly
and comfortable coming from a 'celebrity' and I'll never forget that
fleeting moment of our paths crossing. 
There's just too much to say about this man that has entered and become a
part of my heart for so many years. 
Thank you Joe and happy new year to fellow landsman,
Rick Calic
P.S. Although it hasn't been asked here, I inquired from Curt Bianchi, owner
of www.zawinulonline.org for the correct pronunciation of his name:
The correct way to pronounce Joe's last name is zav-i-newl. newl rhymes with
cool, and the -i- is pronounced as it is in "if" or "in".

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