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My Zawinul moments: At IAJE 2005 at the Long Beach Convention Center I saw 
Joe in one of his unmistakable hats standing on the lobby balcony. I walked 
over and told him that I was starting a new web site that would bring the 
words and music of cutting-edge musicians to music fans worldwide, with a 
particular focus on an audience of young musicians. I asked if he would be 
willing to do a short interview on the spot. He readily agreed so we ducked 
into an open conference room, I took out my mini-disc recorder and mic, and 
we proceeded to talk about how he learned to play in his native Austria. 
What an engaging guy he was! So open with his ideas (some might say 
opinionated) and with his gruff, Austrian-inflected accent quite a weaver of 
enchanting stories from locales ranging from the Vienna woods to the urban 
canyons of New York City. He had very little time and the interview had to 
be cut short so I asked if I could interview him again at a later date. He 
said "sure" and gave me his number. Over the next 6 months we phoned and 
emailed many times in an effort to set up a time. Finally, in June, 2005 I 
went up to his Malibu home and we sat down for an extended interview. He 
told me many, many stories including one about the night he composed In a 
Silent Way on one of the happiest nights of his life in a light snowfall in 
Vienna. Another was the story behind the famous picture of him playing Come 
Sunday with Duke Ellington standing next to the piano listening. As a 
tribute to Joe the man and to Joe the musician, I am streaming my 15-minute 
feature on him from the February, 2006 issue of Notes from the Western Edge. 
To listen just go to freshearsmedia.com and click on "Joe Zawinul" in the 
audio player.

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My Zawinul moment....San Sebastian 1991:  After a long night of
Festival, and a long walk to the hotel, I poked my head into the bar and
saw Zawinul sitting by himself.  Although I had met him a few times, I
never really had any sort of relationship with him.  Not wanting to
bother him, I turned around to go to my room when he called me over to
sit with him.  Well, we spent the next hour and a half talking, sharing
some sandwiches and some of that Slivovitz that Rebecca mentioned.
After a while we were joined by Maria João:

A wonderful musician and a very nice man.


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> ... Yeah, and Joe's touch, rhythmic feel, patches, timbres and tone colors 
> on the synthesizer made him identifiable in two notes!
> Brad
> Nick Francis wrote:
> My Zawinul moment---1986, right after Weather Report officially broke-up, 
> Joe did a solo tour.  Not solo piano. Oh no. It was Joe, amongst a maze of 
> banks of synths and drum machines. He played a small restaurant/club in 
> Albuquerque, and rocked the joint. I interviewed him the day of the gig 
> and he said he was going out on the road to "make the machines sing".
> He was one of the few musicians of his time who did not fear the new 
> technological and cultural changes around him; instead he embraced them. 
> And he wrote two of the best tunes from the latter part of the 20th 
> century (Mercy Mercy Mercy and Birdland).  Yeah, baby!
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