[JPL] Pronouncers

Al Karia jctrane at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 17:04:54 EDT 2007

bloomDido...just like its spelled.."bloom- DEE- doe".
as for the other (klactoveedesteen): If this is actually a German/Dutch
word, I'd say
    "klak-toe-FEED-us-steen"...(Of course, if the term is actually an inside
joke, all bets are off!!      Gene Abkarian   KRFC

On 9/12/07, Hans Ahlstrom <hahlstro at nmu.edu> wrote:
> This Week's JPL Sponsor: Barnstorm Productions - Charles Gatschet - STEP
> Guitarist Charles Gatschet takes you on a musical journey from Bebop to
> Brazil on his latest release STEP LIGHTLY. Growing up in Kansas City
> afforded Charles the opportunity to work with such jazz notables as Claude
> ''Fiddler'' Williams, Bobby Watson, Carmell Jones and many others who have
> made an impact on the K.C. jazz scene. With a stellar band featuring Ali
> Ryerson, Greg Gisbert, Ken Walker, Mark Simon, Eric Gunnison and Paul
> Romaine, Gatschet delivers an array of beautiful tunes, half of which are
> his own.  Quoting from Dr. Herb Wong's liner notes: ''Jazz
> guitarist-composer Charles Gatschet's aesthetic backdrop and the music on
> STEP LIGHTLY, indeed, ignite reasons to step lively with felicity of
> Charles' mission in jazz.''
> www.CharlesGatschet.com
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> I embarrassed to ask how to pronounce a couple of tunes:
> Bloomdio
> and
> Klactoveedesteen
> Is there a website out there that provides pronouncers for jazz tunes and
> performers?
> Thanks
> Hans
> Marquette, MI
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