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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Thu Sep 13 11:21:04 EDT 2007

Hans Ahlstrom wrote:

> Thanks to those who helped with pronouncers for Bloomdido and
> Klactoveedsedsteen, tho there still seems to be a question on the later, at
> least it's good to know that there isn't a considered 'right' way to say it
> and whatever pronounciation I chose will probably be close enough if not
> dead on.
> Thanks again
> Hans
> Marquette

Hi Hans,

One of the things I asked about at one of the IAJE conferences was if 
there was anyone who could donate server space for a project like what 
you are looking for. We could put a sound sample of the pronunciation of 
the names on a website. Details could be worked out about recording of 
the names.

Any takers?

Eric Jackson
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