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Thanks, Bobby. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. I look forward to hearing your pieces on Shorter and Zawinul.

Richard Paske
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Brilliant!  I learned something. I loved your well crafted presentation
of Zawinul.  I encourage the rest of the panel to check it out.  

I too have spoken to Zawinul on several occasions over the years and
found him to be earthy and engaging.  I haven't posted anything about
Zawinul on JPL but I have read all of your heartfelt comments about him.
He was a giant in life and generous with his time.  His music should
insure his immortality beyond his life.  I too, will miss him.

I did an eight hour length shows on Wayne Shorter based on Michelle
Mercer's book, Footprints: The Life and Music Of Wayne Shorter" and one
of those hours was spent with Zawinul.  It will be available on the WCPN
website shortly.  


Bobby Jackson
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