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Thu Sep 13 18:36:16 EDT 2007

>> I also have an interesting Hendrix jam on lp. He's playing with a flute
>> player, a conga player and some sort of electric keyboard. Very
>> different music than what was commercially released.

hmmmm... (see below)

>> I'm not sure if Miles and Hendrix ever did get to play together. I
>> didn't think they did. I have also heard rumors of Hendrix and Rahsaan
>> Roland Kirk jamming. Although I haven't heard it in a long time, I have
>> a tape of a lengthly jam session with Hendrix and John McLaughlin.

Jimi may never have played with Miles but I know that he certainly did get
together with Sam Rivers to jam a number of times when Sam was living in
the East Village during the Late 60's.

Sam said of Jimi, that "he was a sweet cat" who really wanted to change
directions with his career and step away from the rock and roll caricature
that he felt he had become. Sam also told me that they also did one
recording session at Jimi's studio which may be the jam session described

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