[JPL] Why is there so much product if jazz is such a small % ofindustry

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This is a situation that we are all facing as jazz programmers.  You are correct - those of us that are less than full time jazz can't even begin to approach playing all that you can (and as you say you can't even play half of it), and we have to say 'no' to many deserving releases.  I don't think that it is effective or constructive to discuss cutting down on the number of releases, or even the number that is sent to radio - labels and individual artists will continue to put out CDs if that is their passion to do so.  I think what we need to discuss more (hopefully at the next JazzWeek Summit - Ed, I'll be happy to put together a panel on this) as programmers are strategies to deal with all of this product with respect to trying to represent the new music fairly on the air.  We can all learn from each other in terms of how we handle this on an individual basis, and perhaps can come up with some commonality and agreement on how we can collectively achieve the maximum benefit for new artists via radio airplay.


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We all know that jazz is appx 3% of the total music industry as it is in the
output of radio. I for one although knowing jazz is not intended for the
masses would like to see that % rise. That said with the virtual elimination
of jazz by the major labels, their dropping of so many stand out names from
their roster,  why is it we are receiving more product than ever before?
Blaise Lantana asked to curtail female jazz vocalists releases, I concur,
however it should not stop there. Wouldn't less recordings be more effective
in elevating the genre in sales and performances? Is having 75 CDs on one's
desk to review a good thing? I have stated this before and will repeat,
jazz89KUVO has over 130 hours of jazz a week yet we can not even get close
to being able to play 1/2 of what we get. The majority of other radio
outlets have far less amounts of jazz programming a week, if we can not
handle the amount of music we get, how do others with 20 or 30 or even 50
hours of jazz cope with it?



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