[JPL] about Camarillo's pronounciation

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Sep 14 13:53:44 EDT 2007

Mark Rini wrote <<< cam-uh-REE-oh is correct, as opposed to cam-a-ril-o.
Spent a few summers
there....at the beach though...not the mental hospital. >>>

He is correct, that is the true Spanish pronounciation, however in So Cal as
in other western states where Spanish names dominate, there is the actual
Spanish pronounciation and the non-Spanish corruption of the word, naturally
this occurs with other languages as well.  Camarillo is just west of
Conejo-rabbit Valley as one approaches El Pacifico-Pacific Ocean and
Buenaventura-Ventura County on one's way to Santa Barbara-Saintess Barbara,
California. Here in Denver and Colorado(red) the Spanish names take on some
bizarre pronounciations.


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