[JPL] Why is there so much product if jazz is such a small % ofindustry

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 15:49:23 EDT 2007

I enjoy getting lots of music. Calls help. There have been a few
artists who've taken the time to follow up on their cd mailing and it
helps. The regular prods from promotion companies do, too. It's a ton
of music, a tone of music. This is a good thing. How can we, an
industry which basically survives on the equivilant of free gasoline,
complain that there's too much creativity in the world?

The answer, of course, is subscription based promotional service. That
is, you buy the music from EMI or Universal on a subscription basis,
the way classical music stations had to for years.

Of course, radio can't do that. If we could, though, the record
industry might be in better shape.

Just a thought.....whistle, kick some gravel, hands in pocket watching
turkeys cross the road here in the Manistee National Forest..."Wanna
hear an unedited 'On the Corner'? They don't. Fan tails, but not for

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