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Re:  San Pedro, California

  Okay everybody, I live in the harbor town of San PEE-dro, California
(hometown to Art Pepper - who was half Mexican and he called it PEE-dro -
Hubert Laws and trumpeter Stan Martin).  In Texas they have a San PAY-dro,
because it was named by Spanish speakers.  But, the Portugese who discovered
this L.A. harbor, while sailing under the Spanish flag, named it The Bay of
Smokes for all of the campfires of the 27 or so indigenous tribes that lived on
the old natural harbor...a forecast of air quality to come.   
  It is uncertain as to why the locals call it PEE-dro, but I believe it is
because it eventually became a Croatian village and those seafaring types
pronounce their Saints with a different turn of the tongue.  One thing is for
sure...these folks certainly do have an abundance of "PEE-dro Pride".  Arturo,
please pass this on to Señor Lando as he disputes this with me, on-air,
whenever I pledge.

> On Friday, September 14, 2007, at 08:44  PM, Brian Sanders wrote:
> >
> > Proper Spanish pronunciation aside, this seems like a good time to 
> > mention that it's "Ne-VAD-ah" and not Ne-VOD-ah.
> >
> > Anyone care to weigh in on Miss-oor-ee vs. Miss -oor- ah?.  Nah, let's 
> > call the whole thing off.
> >
> > Brian Sanders
> > KNAU, Flagstaff
> >
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